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Taking a physical store online and bringing their customers to them.


SunnyBee Market is your one-stop shop for food from around the world and around the corner - from trusted Indian brands to your global favorites. The choice of Indian and international staples, essentials, indulgences and treats make Sunny Bee Market your go-to destination for all your cooking needs.


To design a mobile app to make the shopping experience faster, easier and to help customers shop for everything under a minute.



UX Analytics

UI Design


Card Sorting Excercise


The flowchart represents the user
journey in the app. Each stem can go into detail depending on the user preference.




AI Powered Search

Search is one of the core functionalities we have built within the app. In fact, we have built in AI right within the search which helps the user to find the right item he is looking for.

Quick & Easy Payments

Wallet is built within the app to make the payments quicker and easier. Load your wallet with money once and checkout instantly with just a tap.

Convinient Delivery Slots

Choose delivery slots at your preferred day and time or if you want something quicker we’ve provided the express delivery option to deliver your order within 90 minutes.


Primary actions like search, cart and checkout are designed keeping in mind the size of the phone screens. All important actions are placed in the very bottom of the screen for one handed operation.

See our thinking in action.

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