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Mehta Jewellery Digital Campaign

Showcasing a heritage jewellery brand in the digital age.

We created a series of digital campaigns to give the brand a more contemporary appeal. The first one, called Rhim Jhim, was designed around the theme of nature and involved beautifully designed watercolour backgrounds that were created to elevate and compliment the jewellery. These visuals highlighted the jewellery pieces which were inspired by nature. Animations were used in the form of water effects and ripples. The beautiful, art-led campaign created a positive impression of the brand digitally and increased the brand visibility significantly.

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Another campaign, Iktara, set the jewellery against a dazzling deep blue background and lotus leaves.By creating a beautifully designed grid, we were able to highlight individual pieces and yet tell a cohesive, compelling brand story. This digital campaign gained the maximum number of enquiries on Instagram and had a high number of engagements

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