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FUT Bank

Creating a brand-agnostic banking app you can bank on.


For FUT Bank, we created a readily accessible banking application that gives both users and banks a seamless experience. A powerful scalable core banking application, it gave the bank the control it needed while making sure the user experience was absolutely smooth and simple.


Right from the wire-frame design upwards, we worked on designing an accessible interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Whether bill payments, money transfers or checking balance, our design made the FUT Bank app one you can definitely bank on.






Account overview cards

As a scalable core banking application, Fut Bank app development includes iOS and Android versions, web applications, system emails, marketing materials, and more.
Easy Bill Payments

Have all your expenses recorded on one platform. Fut Bank app provides a unified payment experience with various payment options, reminders, multiple account integration, options to defer payments and more.


Multiple account
payment options

QR code UPI
payment options

Reachability by design

FUT is designed with reachability in mind. User behavior is studied and all primary actions are placed in a comfortable reach area with just one finger and secondary actions are placed little further. Important information is displayed at the top.

Light & Dark modes

Not only functionality, Fut Bank provides for aesthetic appeal also. Dark mode protects your eyes by emitting less light and also saves battery life. You can switch between the two with just a swipe.

Beneficiary Bank accounts

Fut Bank automatically fetches all the bank accounts of your beneficiaries instantly with just a mobile number or a social media account. You can perform any inter and intra bank payments quickly and easily.

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