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Curiohh - Branding

Inspiring a new generation
of adventurers.

Curiohh is a place where all collectibles from the quirky to the elegant, big to small, decorative to functional can all be found by eternal travellers, adventure seekers and the collectors of the curious.

Curiohh wanted to convey the sense of the adventure and thrills that people who love to travel always chase, hence we created a logo that represented a window, more specifically a plane window.

With the use of the a refreshing, calming and tranquil colour like turquoise and a font that conveyed the friendly nature of the brand, we created a brand language that brought the attributes of the company alive – the joyful nature of travel, of shared experiences and new discoveries.

There’s a whole, wide world out there to explore and through Curiohh, we wanted to give people the opportunity to experience it. The window as a device could also be used to represent any mode of transportation that takes you to different places and lets you have different experiences.

The ‘vibes’ used as a design element also represented fun, energy and good vibes. Using these elements we created an array of assets for the client that we could replicate across a range of different products, retaining the same tonality and ‘feel good’ vibe.

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Inspiring a new generation of adventurers.

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