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Asian Paints

Adding Asian Paints to our brand palette.

Asian Paints commissioned Fingerprints to identify colour patterns and trends across Tamil Nadu to effectively convey these trends in their annual colour book. We engaged in a marketing research project which went on over months, delving deep into our roots, to discover the essence of true South Indian home styling.

Not only did we identify, style and shoot different archetypes of South Indian styles but we went as far as conceptualizing and creating specialised wall stencils for different homes. These finally made it into a highly stylized colour book which captured the essence of Tamil Nadu’s homes, down to the very last shade.

Fingerprints engaged in months long marked research project which helped us identify the color patterns and trends all across Tamil Nadu. This was followed by conceptualizing of wall stencil designs , Styling, Photography and communication colour books.

Stencil Design

Colour Tool Book

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