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The Birth of a Mysterious Woman.

The Birth of a Mysterious Woman

We were tasked with creating the identity for a European cafe and ice cream parlour. With an influx of new entrants In the marketplace Amélie was born. Amélie, it is believed, lived in a noisy, infamous Rue in Paris, back in the fashionable 50’s – just above her famous ice cream and treatery shop. Creating a personal yet mysterious woman behind the scene, Amélie teased her way into the market and helped build a distinct brand voice. Special menus and one off seasonal flavours tied into the mystery of the brand and had the curious coming back for more.

Fingerprints built the Brand Identity, Brand Voice, Signage Systems, Packaging, Social Media Marketing and Print Communication to announce her arrival. Amélie always said that food wasn’t just for the body but for the soul too. When asked how she created something so sweet with so little sugar, she’d say, “Chérie, it is love! It is naughty, it is playful, it is fun.“

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