Sequence Lounge

Customizing an e-commerce website for customized designer clothing.


Sequence Lounge was founded out of a passion for creating well-cut and well-made garments made with niche quality natural fabrics that don’t adhere to standard sizing patterns. Our task was to create a modern and interactive e-commerce website that generated more traffic and sales yet spoke to a niche customer who valued designer-wear. The minimalistic yet contemporary design threw up different looks for the customer to browse through, ensuring they never got bored and took them through a journey that kept them engaged right up to check out, giving the client fantastic results.


Research is expensive, so is a failed product. We used Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to collect the quantitative insights about the old website to figure out the key pain points of the users.


See our thinking in action.

My Persona

Redesigning a website for creators of authentic leaders.


Creating a strong digital foundation for GBR Metals.

Sunny Bee

Taking a physical store online and bringing their customers to them.