NBW Bank

Developing a smart banking framework that clients and banks can use with ease.


LOS is a smart banking framework that helps the relationship manager to interact with clients and manage portfolios with ease.


To create a unique dashboard that is modular, so that it can store information about all customer loan portfolios and be retrievable quickly, and easily.


Customisable Dashboard

Highly customizable dashboard for relationship managers to tailor loans to different customers easily.


A quick overview allows managers to keep track of business generated, targets to achieve and loan status.

Smart Search

The loan Origination system analyzes the keywords you type and shows the relevant data on the search bar.

Quick Reminders

Relationship managers don’t need to fear missing out on meetings. The LOS has built-in calendars so managers can plan and schedule client meetings effectively.

See our thinking in action.

E – Wallet

Creating an app the whole family can bank on.


Redesign for a website that’s designed for academic research.

Fut Bank

Creating a brand-agnostic banking app you can bank on.